Winter Athletics 2019-2020

The last few weeks have put many things in our lives into a new perspective. Sports and the role they play in the lives of our students, our coaches, our schools, our communities, and our country have been an ongoing point of interest and debate during this unprecedented time. While sports are obviously not essential for people to go on living, the absence of sports in the lives of our students has certainly shed new light on how much they enhance and complement the growth of young people. Many of our students should be busy enjoying spring sports at this time and instead, they are learning how much of an impact those sports and their teammates and coaches really have on their lives. While it is easy to dwell on the time that has been lost and what might have been, let us not forget to be thankful for the time that we had and for all that still fills up our hearts and our lives.

Our winter athletes were to be honored last month at the Winter Sports Recognition Ceremony which had to be canceled due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. Little did we know that it would only be the first of many events like it to be canceled along with an entire spring season. At this time, we know that the Winter Sports Ceremony cannot be rescheduled. We want to take this opportunity to publicly celebrate our winter athletes, share some comments from our coaches, and recognize the special award winners for each sport. While this is not the setting of choice for this type of celebration, we felt the need to honor our winter athletes, coaches, and programs. May the competitive spirit that lives within every one of you keep you going through these difficult times.

– BJ Depew, Athletic Director
NOTE: To view more information about each winter team, please click any of the photos/links below.