The Best Private School Near Washington County, PA

Linsly, the best private school in WV, near Washington, PA, is located approximately one-half hour west on I-70.

Bus Service From Washington, PA To The Private School

For the convenience of our students in private day school from the Washington, PA area, daily bus service is available to and from Linsly. Linsly offers two buses in the morning. These are non-stop buses that leave from the Beau Street Park and Ride and from the Washington Crown Center at 7:00 AM.

After school, one bus departs at 3:30 PM from Banes Hall, and the second bus leaves school from the Stifel Field House at 5:45 PM. Both of the after school buses make 2 stops in Washington County, PA. The first stop at Washington Crown Center and then the second at the Beau Street Park and Ride.

An additional fee is charged for this service. For more information on the bus service for our private school near Washington, PA, please contact our Director of Admissions, R.J. Zitzelsberger

Learn More About Why Linsly Is The Best Private School Near Washington, PA

"As a Linsly alumnus I found myself extremely prepared for college. I know my performance here was pretty average, but now I find myself being one of the strongest students in my college classes. My classmates have even been asking me for help, especially with writing!" - Told by an alumnus, class of 2015, on a recent visit back to the private school campus

I just wanted to say thank you for helping me grow in so many ways in and outside of the classroom. Next fall I will be well prepared! - Email from a recent private school alumnus right after graduation to her Linsly teacher

As I'm completing my freshman year, I just wanted to thank you and tell you that your class definitely prepared me for college. - Email from a recent private school alumnus (class of 2014) to his Linsly teacher

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Linsly

What is the Linsly mission?

The Linsly School promotes academic excellence, inspires lifelong learning, develops future leaders, and emphasizes character development. 

What dorms does Linsly have?

Yost Hall, Merriman Hall, Dicke Hall, and Weiss Hall are the four dormitories on campus. The girls' residences are Merriman and Yost. Weiss Hall is the high school boys' dormitory while Dicke Hall is for middle school boys. Each dorm has Resident Assistants assigned to each hall who assist in monitoring and enforcing regulations, as well as being sounding boards during the transition of our new students to life at Linsly. Every weekday, our maintenance team cleans community restrooms located in each facility, which are watched over by our maintenance staff.

How Important is Safety at Linsly Boarding School?

Our number one concern is the safety of our students. Our lodgings all have locks and students are given a fob that lets them in to their room and only to theirs. Our campus is guarded by a full-time night watchman who is attentive at all hours of the night and weekend. Off-campus monitoring using the REACH system allows us to keep track of students' movements and permissions. We are always aware of what your son or daughter is up to and where they are in real time.

Learn more answers to your boarding school questions on our FAQ page.

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