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Visual Arts

The Linsly School's Visual Arts Program is committed to fostering creativity, artistic skill development, and personal growth. This exceptional program offers a comprehensive curriculum, dedicated faculty, beautiful facilities, and a vibrant, young artistic community. By providing a supportive and enriching environment, the program empowers students to explore their artistic potential, develop a strong foundation in various art forms, and pursue their artistic aspirations.


The program's curriculum is thoughtfully designed to encompass a wide range of art disciplines, including drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography, digital media, and graphic design. The curriculum balances technical skill-building with conceptual exploration, allowing students to develop both their artistic technique and their ability to convey meaningful messages through their artwork. Linsly's curriculum evolves to incorporate emerging trends and technologies, ensuring students stay up-to-date with contemporary art practices.


The program's faculty consists of highly qualified and experienced art educators who are passionate about nurturing artistic talent. These dedicated instructors not only possess expertise in their respective fields but also understand the importance of personalized guidance and encouragement. They inspire students to think critically, take risks, and explore new artistic possibilities. The faculty actively engages with students through individualized feedback, mentorship, and collaborative projects, fostering a dynamic and inspiring learning environment.

Facilities and ResourceS

Linsly's Visual Arts Program is equipped with exceptional facilities and resources to support students' creative endeavors. The Williams Visual Arts Center boasts spacious, well-lit studios that provide ample room for artistic experimentation, production, and display. A wonderful ceramics lab and specialized equipment for various art forms enables our students the ability to explore diverse mediums and techniques. Additionally, the schoolm maintains an extensive collection of art references, materials, and tools to enhance students' artistic exploration.

Extracurricular Opportunities

Beyond the classroom, the program offers a range of extracurricular activities and opportunities for students to showcase their talents, collaborate with peers, and engage with the broader artistic community. These activities include art exhibitions, community outreach programs, participation in regional and national art competitions, and visits to art museums and galleries. Such experiences help students gain exposure, build confidence, and develop a deeper appreciation for art's impact on society.

College and Career Readiness

The Linsly Visual Arts Program is committed to preparing students for a lifetime of interest in the arts. The program offers guidance on portfolio development, college application processes, and scholarships specific to the arts. Through partnerships with local art institutions and professionals, students gain access to internships, mentorship programs, and networking opportunities. These initiatives ensure that students are equipped with the skills, knowledge, and connections necessary to pursue further studies or careers in the arts.

Linsly's Visual Arts Program stands as a shining example of an outstanding visual arts program for middle school and high school students. Its comprehensive curriculum, passionate faculty, exceptional facilities, and ample extracurricular opportunities create an environment that inspires creativity, nurtures artistic growth, and prepares students for future success. By fostering a love for art, developing technical proficiency, and encouraging self-expression, this program empowers students to embark on a lifelong journey of artistic exploration and personal fulfillment.