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The Arts

The arts hold a profound significance in a student's academic and emotional development, transcending the boundaries of traditional education. Engaging in artistic expression cultivates a vibrant palette of skills and qualities that shape well-rounded individuals. 

At Linsly, we know that by embracing the arts, students discover a powerful means to communicate their thoughts, ideas, and emotions, fostering creativity and originality. Through music, theater, visual arts, dance, and more, students delve into the depths of their imagination, refining their problem-solving abilities, critical thinking, and adaptability. 

The arts also serve as a sanctuary for emotional exploration, enabling students to connect with their inner selves and express their deepest feelings. Whether it be the solace found in a piece of music, the catharsis experienced through a heartfelt performance, or the transformative impact of visual arts, Linsly's arts program is here to provide an outlet for personal growth and self-discovery. Moreover, the arts encourage collaboration, empathy, and tolerance, as students learn to appreciate diverse perspectives and work harmoniously in a creative ensemble. By embracing the arts, students embark on a profound journey of self-discovery, fostering intellectual curiosity, emotional resilience, and a lifelong appreciation for the beauty that surrounds them.

The Linsly School offers students the opportunity to participate in a variety of fine arts performance groups. Our band and strings groups are comprised of talented students from both the middle and upper schools. These groups give Linsly students the opportunity to display their instrumental talents in a variety of ways. The Linsly Chorus provides vocalists an outlet for their abilities, and our middle school students perform vocally throughout the year.  Theater arts courses allow students to express themselves, in a classroom setting, as performers or as "behind-the-scenes" assistants. Dance and speech instruction in the middle school build confidence and prepare the students as they become well-rounded members of the Linsly community.