Student Life

The Houses of Linsly

In its inaugural year, the Houses of Linsly have laid the foundation of the house system for the future. The houses are led by 10 senior prefects who graciously volunteer their time, develop, and uphold their house standards.

House of Scott

Colors- Salmon and Navy Blue
Mascot- Lizard
The House of Scott has done a great job this year and is building the foundation for the future house. Our charity was the St. John's home for children. We volunteered often this year by hanging up decorations for the holiday seasons. Throughout the year the House of Scott has earned the first place ranking by maintaining good grades, actively participating in school functions, and by volunteering at various organizations. Our motto is “Be a voice, not an echo” and we have strived to live up to this. The house crest was designed by four artists (April Knight, Julie Songer, Tyler Courtney, and Lauryn Patt). Congratulations to you four on creating the crest that will represent the House of Scott!

House of Patterson

Colors- Seafoam Green and Navy
Mascot- Eagle
The House of Patterson has really taken flight this year. While we're not as high as we'd like to be in the house rankings we've made sure to be active in the house activities like the pep rally and Giving Tuesday. In addition to the fun of house activities, the House of Patterson supports the Marshall County Animal Rescue League as their charity of choice. In meetings, we've discussed how we want the house to be like a family and a group of people which you can fall back on. That's the aspect of the house system which is really important to the eagles of the House of Patterson.

House of Lees

Colors- Forest Green and Gold
Mascot- Stag
After a slow start to the year, the House of Lees has worked hard to successfully climb out of last place with 100% participation in the house sponsored dress-down day and high academic performance by all Stags. The House of Lees takes pride in supporting its diverse community of athletes by attending wrestling meets, basketball games, swim meets, volleyball games, football games, and soccer games. We have been working towards volunteering for the VFW, Post 4442, in Elm Grove and our energetic group of students has been living up to the House of Lees motto, “Nulli Secundus”, or second to none, by continuing to excel in all facets of life.

House of Holden

Colors- Red and Black
Mascot- Raven
As Salvador Dali once said, “Intelligence without ambition is like a bird without wings.” The House of Holden, named for the late headmaster Guy E. Holden, is committed to upholding high standards not just academically but also for our community. Our charity is King’s Daughters located in downtown Wheeling where we are currently volunteering to paint a colorful mural in the hallway for the children who spend their day there. Our diverse group houses scholars, athletes, artists, dancers, innovators, and leaders. Our house crest was beautifully designed by senior Emma Fletcher. The House of Holden will continue to strive to make a positive change not only in our school but also in the world.

House of DiOrio

Colors: Royal Blue and Metallic Gold
Mascot: Falcon
The House of DiOrio is named after former Headmaster, Reno DiOrio. Our House is represented by the colors royal blue and metallic gold, the falcon as our mascot, and “Carpe Diem” as our motto. Our House has been given the opportunity to volunteer at The Children's Museum of the Ohio Valley in downtown Wheeling on the weekends. Special congratulations to Senior, Andy Yuan, for winning our House crest design competition!

House of VanDuzen

Colors: Silver and Purple
Mascot: Lion
The House of VanDuzen has been working very hard to keep its standing in second place while working hard to pull into first place.  Among things that we have been doing, including having large participation at house theme games and working hard throughout the house day at the beginning of the year, the House of VanDuzen has spent time working with the Wheeling Soup Kitchen by volunteering around the holiday season.  We plan to continue volunteering throughout the rest of the year! Our house crest is a combination of many different elements submitted by different members of the house, therefore, every member can have pride that they contributed to the final result.

House of Truax

Colors: Coral and grey
Mascot: Gorilla
While the House of Truax may be in the last place, we won’t be there for long. After all, we are a house of hard and humble workers, living by our motto “Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground,” said by Theodore Roosevelt.

House of Dodge

Colors: Blue, Grey, and White
Mascot: Shark
Semper Fidelis. “Always Faithful” is our motto. The House of Dodge sponsors the Augusta Levy Center.

House of Birch

Colors- teal and grey
Mascot- Marlin
The men and women in the House of Birch are represented by the marlin: an animal not only known for its competitive nature but also for its innovation. Members are also represented by colors teal and grey. Our Latin motto, “Ad Astara per Aspera” meaning “to the stars through difficulty,” encompasses perseverance and leadership-characteristics that former headmaster, Mr. John Mitchell Birch, would endorse. Our House plans on volunteering in the spring at our chosen charity, Easter Seals. As the head of the house, I would like to congratulate all of the members who received first honors, second honors, or HPL. I would also like to encourage everybody to set new goals for themselves, whether the goals be getting first honors or doing just a little better than last time on the next vocab test. Furthermore, on behalf of the House of Birch, I would like to thank Emma Camps for creating our astounding crest that will be featured in Banes Hall next school year.

House of Lockhart

Colors-Gray and Burgundy
Mascot- Dragon
The members in House of Lockhart are represented with a dragon mascot. The house colors are gray and burgundy. The members of this house are hard at work with school work, clubs, and sports. The House of Lockart is slowly, but surely, making its way up the ranks. The high GPA’s and school spirit is to prove our excellence. We plan on bringing greater things to the school and community this second semester!

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