Boarding Student and International Student Information

Sunday, August 15:
Boarding Student Move-in Day
  • All boarding students must travel to campus this day.
  • Air transportation will be provided from PIT airport. (As a reminder, all flight itineraries must be emailed to by July 15, 2021 for back-to-school pickup.)
  • Students are to move into their dorm room on this day.
  • Activities will be provided for all boarding students in the evening.
  • Parents are asked to depart campus after move-in and return home or to a local hotel.
Monday, August 16:
Boarding Student Registration Day
  • Registration and Orientation for all Boarding Students will take place at 9:00 AM in Banes Hall. 
  • Lunch and Dinner will be provided.
  • Parents that are in town are invited to attend Registration, but all boarding students will participate in their appropriate grade-level registration process.
  • Parents are asked to depart campus and return home or to a local hotel.

Wednesday, August 18
First Day of School
(Schedule and start time TBA).