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Start of School Info

In order to have a successful start to a new school year, there are many important pieces of information that all students, both new and returning, should know.  Below, please find several items which will make the upcoming school year a great one.

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  • Introduction

    Here are some links to important information that every student will need to know.  Of course, most of your questions can be answered by looking around this website.  We encourage all parents and students to check our homepage on a weekly, if not daily basis to find the most current information about your school. 

    Please view/download the latest Student Handbook

    All new students and parents will receive website login information during the first few weeks of school.


    Here are a few important dates of events leading up to the start of school. Please mark them on your calendar.
    Please click on all links that apply to you:

  • Used Book and Uniform Sale

    This year, the Used Book and Uniform Sale will be held on Monday, July 29, 2019 at 6:00 PM in the library. Any parent who has used textbooks or uniforms that they would like to sell can drop them off to the Main Office.
  • Purchase School Uniforms

    Go to's Linsly School Uniform page. From there you will be prompted to enter your child’s gender and grade information, as well as the school name “Linsly”.  If needed, Linsly’s Preferred School Number is: 900156787. Download more information on ordering uniforms from Lands' End. For your shopping convenience here is a Uniform Ordering Checklist.
    Prior to ordering, please review the dress code as outlined in the latest Student Handbook.
  • Online Bookstore

    For textbooks, Linsly will be using MBS Direct, which will offer new and used text books, and when available, e-books. As of Monday, July 15, the MBS Direct Online Bookstore is now open. Parents should access their child's course list available in My Backpack under Academic Info "Student Schedule" prior to ordering text books. MBS Direct is offering FREE SHIPPING starting July 15-July 29 on orders of $59 or more. For information about setting up your account, selecting classes and ordering text books please download and read: Online Textbook Ordering Instructions.
  • Health Services

    For all information pertaining to Health Services at Linsly, including links to Magnus Health, where you may download required medical forms and emergency consent forms for new and returning students, visit the Health Services Page.
  • Boarding Student Information

    All boarding students should be certain to read the Start of School Schedule found near the top of this page. In addition, if school transportation is necessary, travel itineraries must be emailed to no later than July 1st.

    Download Move In Calendar and Dormitory Open/Close Dates.

  • School Supplies - Guidelines

    For our parents' shopping convenience, please download our school supply guidelines:
    Middle School (Grades 5-8)
    Upper School (Grades 9-12)

    For questions concerning middle school supplies, contact Maggie Allison, Dean of the Middle School. For questions concerning upper school supplies, contact Dean of the Upper School, Melissa Leone.
  • Website usernames and passwords

    All new students and parents will use their same "MyBackpack" username and password to login to the Linsly website. That information is sent to families by Mrs. Debbie Duvall. The Linsly website is your primary source for the latest information and news concerning your school.  Until all new students and parents receive their login information, all important information will be viewable on the "public" pages, without the need to log in. Of course, you will need to log in to view billing information and grades.
  • Technology Information

    Computers and technology play an important role in the learning process, and therefore, Linsly often expects students to perform tasks, complete assignments, and look up information using that technology. It is necessary for all students and parents to understand technology requirements and recommendations. Please read the 2019 Technology Letter and 2019 Technology Recommendations.
  • Summer Reading

    Every student at Linsly is expected to participate in our summer reading program.  Shortly after the beginning of the school year, every student will be given an assessment on the required reading.  Thus, it is important that the reading be completed before you arrive to campus in August. The summer reading lists are posted online.
  • School Calendar

    Please download the 2019-2020 academic calendar. Of course, this website's main news page should be viewed weekly, if not more frequently, for important calendar additions or changes.

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