Student Life
Life at Linsly
Linsly provides a wide range of extracurricular options considered essential to the overall educational process. The Student Life program gives each boy and girl the opportunity to express his or her individuality through participation in activities that meet a variety of needs and interests.  Although the choices of extracurricular opportunities vary from year to year, below you will find a listing of recent offerings.

Throughout the year, the school sponsors dances, fun activities, and on-campus events that highlight the talents of our diverse student body. A weekly all-school meeting is held to recognize accomplishments which are achieved both in and out of school.

Some of the organized extracurricular activities may include:

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  • After School Art Program (ASAP) – Mr. Guy Gellner

    All upper and middle school students are welcomed to use the Williams Visual Arts Center. From 3:00- 5:00 p.m., they may draw, paint, sculpt, or throw on the potter’s wheel. Exciting group projects are also introduced.
  • Animal Shelter Club

    Membership in the Animal Shelter Club is open to all Linsly students who are interested in helping local animal shelters by collecting items for the shelters, joining in benefit walks or working at the shelters.
  • Camera Club

    Members for the Camera Club assist with publications and foster an interest in photography.
  • Chess Club

    Membership is open to upper school and middle school students interested in sharpening their skills in the games. The club sponsors the annual tournaments.
  • Chorus

    The Linsly Chorus is a scheduled component of the Fine Arts Department. Although the group’s function is to perform at various school and community events, it is also for those students who truly enjoy choral singing.
  • Classical Club

    Membership is open to all students of the 8th grade Pre-language classes, and all Latin students. Meetings are planned concerning interest creating activities dealing with ancient Greco-Roman cultures.
  • Drama Production, Middle School – Mr. Holt or Mr. Wilson

    The middle school drama production is designed to provide interested fifth through eighth grade students an opportunity to explore their dramatic sides. The students involved will participate in a variety of performance-based activities designed to teach them proper stage abilities. A public production will be the result of all of their hard work. Traditionally, a 5th/6th grade play and a 7th/8th grade play are produced separately.
  • Drama Production, Upper School – Mr. Wilson or Mr. Holt

    Linsly’s upper school students are given the opportunity to audition for the annual theatrical presentation. Numerous positions are available for cast and production crew.
  • Environmental Club

    Membership is open to all upper school students. The club has an ongoing recycling project. They are also working on the Ohio River Islands National Wildlife Refuge Project sponsored by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service of the Department of the Interior.
  • Euchre Club

    Membership is open to all upper school students.
  • Extravaganza – Mr. Frank Wilson

    The Extravaganza, an annual musical production, is a total Linsly effort. All students participate in on-stage acts or work as ticket sellers, ushers, or stage crew. The months of January and February are devoted to evening practices. Additionally, new and returning students are encouraged to audition for solo or group acts.
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes – Mr. David Reithmiller

    FCA is open to any upper school student. The purpose of FCA is to present to athletes and coaches, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as a Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church.
  • Forensics – Mrs. Lisa Welch

    The Linsly Forensics Team competes in debate and speech tournaments, as a member of the West Virginia Interscholastic Forensics League and the National Forensics League.
  • French Club – Mrs. Tiffany Brutto

    Membership is open to all students who have taken or are taking French. Meetings are held during the school year to stimulate interest in French Culture.
  • German Club

    Membership is open to all students studying German. Meetings are held during the school year to stimulate interest in German culture.
  • History Club – Mr. William Brubaker

    Meeting monthly, the club deals with topics of interest to its members. Special shows and speakers are utilized as they become appropriate.
  • JETS Club

    Membership in the Junior Engineering Technical Society Club is open to all upper school students.
  • Key Club – Mr. Jay Cartwright

    Sponsored by the local Kiwanis Club, members initiate service projects for the school and the community. Each week two Key Club members attend the regular meeting of the Kiwanis Club.
  • Math Club

    The Upper School Math Club is for students who are interested in solving challenging math contest problems. We compete with other West Virginia high schools in the West Virginia Math League. Any upper school student at the level of geometry or higher is eligible to participate.
  • Model United Nations – Mr. William Brubaker

    This club meets monthly to prepare Linsly’s representatives to the Bethany Model United Nations program. Students are involved in research of current events and background material for countries that they will represent in the program.
  • Multicultural Club

    The Multicultural Club is a club created to address the many different ethnicities found at Linsly. This club is open to all students who are in search of their ethnic background and wish to learn more about it.
  • National Honor Society – Mrs. Judith Olsavsky

    Linsly’s chapter is known as the Guy E. Holden Chapter. The following grades must be maintained in order to belong to this group: Sophomores, 95%; Juniors, 93%; and Seniors, 92%. Requirements also include a high degree of character and leadership.
  • Newspaper (Middle School) - Mrs. Jennifer Loudermilk

    The middle school newspaper invites all interested students in grades 5-8 to join The Aviator staff.
  • Newspaper (Upper School) – Mrs. Stacey Creely

    Linsly’s newspaper, The Linsly Line is published four to six times a year by a staff of student journalists.
  • Orchestra

    The Linsly String Orchestra has weekly scheduled practices throughout the entire school year. Composed of experienced strings students, the group encourages talented students of all ages to audition for the organization. Although the group’s function is to perform at various school and community events, it often competes in local ensemble competitions.
  • Outdoor Adventure Club – Mr. Jeff Hasis

    Any students who have a special interest in the outdoors may join the Linsly Outdoor Adventure Club. Members will receive instruction and training in ropes course work, wilderness skills, and environmental awareness (whatever area they choose), and will be called upon to help instruct other groups that come to the Club.
  • Princeton Model Congress - Mr. William Brubaker

    The group selected from applicants in the spring prepare material for sessions in a Model Congress sponsored by Princeton University in Washington D. C. in November. Students serve on committees representative of the Senate and House or can be members of the press corps.
  • Puzzle Mania – Mr. William Holt

    Puzzle Maniacs is a club for the middle school student who has an interest in creative puzzle solving and mind-stimulating activities. Members are challenged monthly by the club sponsor. Everyone enjoys finding a solution to something that appears quite impossible.
  • SADD

    Membership in Students Against Destructive Decisions is open to all upper school students. SADD's mission is to provide students with the best prevention and intervention tools possible to deal with issues of underage drinking, other drug use, impaired driving and other destructive decisions.
  • Science Research Club

    Membership is open to all upper school students. Techniques and examples of scientific research will be featured during club meetings.
  • Scrabble Club

    Scrabble® Club is open to all middle school students who enjoy the game of Scrabble® or would like to learn spelling, vocabulary, and math skills for practice and fun. The club meets weekly during flex.
  • Scrapbooking Club – Mrs. Stacey Creely & Mrs. Penny Cunningham

    The Scrapbooking Club is open to any upper school student who is creative and has an interest in organizing and journaling photos. Advanced scrapbookers and beginners are encouraged to attend. An initial session will be held on basic scrapbooking techniques, material requirements and possible topics for individual books. The scrapbooking club will meet twice monthly after school.
  • Shakespeare Club

    Membership is open to all upper school students. Students view and discuss filmed versions of the plays and occasionally recite or act out particularly relevant passages and scenes.
  • Soup Kitchen

    Membership is open to all upper school students. This service organization has become a very important part of the Linsly school, and it serves as a perfect opportunity for students to become involved in the Wheeling community.
  • Spanish Club

    Membership is open to all students of all Spanish classes. Its meetings are planned around interest in Spanish culture. The club also engages in fund-raising and service projects.
  • Stage Band - Middle School – Mr. Robert MacLellan

    Students in grades 5 through 8 may elect to be members of the middle school band. Experienced musicians, as well as beginners, are encouraged to become involved in this year-long organization. Students will take instrumental lessons during their music class.
  • Stage Band - Upper School – Mr. Robert MacLellan

    Students in grades 9 through 12 may elect to be members of the upper school stage band. Experienced musicians are encouraged to become involved in this year-long organization. This group meets every other day, and must be listed in the student's schedule at the beginning of the school year.
  • Technology Club - Technology Staff

    Any upper school student may join the Technology Club. Members assist the Technology Department in day-to-day operations including computer repair, technical support, etc. Students who are interested in areas of technology outside of the day-to-day operations are also encouraged to join and work with the Technology Staff on those interests.
  • Wing Society (Middle School) – English Department, Middle School

    The Middle School Wing Society meets monthly during Flex Period to discuss the Junior Great Books Series. There are two sections of the Middle School Wing Society – one for fifth and sixth graders, and one for seventh and eighth graders: membership is open to all lower school students.
  • Wing Society (Upper School) – English Department, Upper School

    The Upper School Wing Society meets monthly to familiarize students who are interested in the study of literature with all types of literary expression and genre. The Wing Society strives to develop in students the powers of perception and critical insight that will enable them to analyze and to evaluate literary value judgment about a man and his world.
  • World Language Club (Middle School)

    The Middle School World Language Club is open to all students in grades 5-8. The club meets on a regular basis to discuss aspects of culture that cannot be covered in the classroom due to time constraints. The goal of the club is to help students gain an appreciation for different customs and ideas. This can help to understand themselves better and understand others, as well.
  • World Language Honor Societies

    French, German, Latin and Spanish have their own honor societies which follow the guidelines set by the national associations of the respective language. The members of the societies must have at least a 92% for three consecutive semesters in the language and at least an 88% average in the other disciplines. The rules differ slightly for the Latin Honor Society.
  • Writers' Forum

    Experience the pleasures of organizational anarchy. Meet with the Writers’ Forum every other week, read your works-in-progress to fellow student writers, and enjoy either their general responses or critical suggestions. For new and old writers alike.
  • Advertising Staff – Mrs. Lisa Welch

    Students, under faculty direction, make up and sell advertisements for the newspaper, the Extravaganza program book, and the yearbook, coordinating all efforts to achieve the net receipts necessary to assure financial success.
  • Yearbook

    The yearbook is edited by a staff of seniors aided by underclassmen.
NOTE: Extracurricular offerings may vary from year to year.