The OVAC Championship Girls' Varsity Track Team

OVAC Championship Girls' Varsity Track Team

Varsity team members - Seniors:  Resi Anderson, Emma Brannare, Mecca Collins, Heidy Duran, Liza Fletcher, Cameron Frame, Sydney Glessner, Molly Heron, Marlee Johns, Tracey Kariuki, Daniela Mate Sanchez, Favour Oladapo, Jadelyn Smerczynski and Brinley Steen.  Juniors:  Mara Carlisle, Danyelle Dunlevy, Madison Hennen, Ally Hicks, Sierra Kelley, Henrietta Lofgren, Kalee Smith and Kelsey Smith.  Sophomores:  Sharon Aristizabal, Tasia Bailey-Robinson, Sarah Campsey, Kelsey Glessner, Olivia Kiger-Camilo, Caitlin Lewis, Alexandra Psilos, Taylor Remp, Zeya Theeke, Liv Torner and Sarah Wilson.  Freshmen:  Caitlin Bedway, Sarah Coha, Gianna Ferrelli, Whitney Haught, Chloe Jenewein, Emily Klempa and Lucy Klug.  
“This team was excited to get back on the track after having to miss an entire year last year. They began the year with high hopes and dreams and worked hard every day to achieve them. Our seniors wanted to earn their third and final OVAC Championship, which they did! They continued on to place at major invitationals, set school records, and walk away with more gold medals than we could count. This is an incredible group of young ladies who worked hard every single day to push each other to reach their fullest potential.”

– Coach Wallace

Special Awards

Field Event Athlete of the Year – Brinley Steen
Distance Runner of the Year – Molly Heron
Sprinter of the Year – Sydney Glessner
Overall MVP – to be determined
Gold Medal Award – to be determined
Coaches’ Award – Cameron Frame