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Why Boarding? Part II

Why Boarding? Part II

Mr. Zimmerman continues his conversation with Mrs. Amy Zervos, the parent of a curent student and of two Linsly alumni who were boarding students during their time at Linsly.

As Head of The Linsly School, Mr. Justin Zimmerman often gets asked about Linsly’s boarding program and why parents might want to choose to send their child to a boarding school. The following is the second part of a three-part blog series that helps to address this question for parents who might be considering a boarding experience for their child.

A school rooted in history and tradition

The Linsly School has a proud and rich history of over 200 years. Since its founding, school leaders have consistently focused on academic excellence, character development, and providing experiences that develop the habits and characteristics of impactful and successful leaders.

As a school, Linsly’s campus has been home to boarding students since its earliest days. Today, including on-campus faculty and staff, there is a 5:1 ratio of students to faculty members, making the relationship between on-campus faculty and our residential students impactful and meaningful. These relationships consistently support, promote growth, and mutual respect, and accelerate student development.   

Zimmerman says, “We treat each other like family, value all members, and work together to provide care and support. Linsly’s strong health services team members, including administrators, dormitory staff, nurses, the school counselor, athletic trainers, and local doctors, communicate regularly with students and parents to ensure the well-being of our residential students.”

Linsly has distinguished itself as a boarding school by providing students with a focus on core academics, structure, and accountability.

Mrs. Amy Zervos, current Linsly parent, said providing her children an environment where core values would be supported no matter what happened was vitally important. Even during a pandemic and a world filled with many opposing political opinions, the school did not get involved in politics. Instead, Linsly focused on helping students learn to think and communicate and has continually held true to its mission.

A strong college preparatory curriculum

The Linsly School offers a college preparatory curriculum for boarding students in grades 7 through 12 that combines the traditional values of hard work, respect, honesty, and self-discipline within a challenging academic program. A few of the hallmarks of a Linsly education include:

  • AP & Advanced Curricular Options
  • Exceptional Teachers & Advising Program
  • Personalized College Counseling
  • Unique & Enriching Performance Assessments

During my time with Mrs. Zervos, she reflected on the many benefits her children received from being in an environment where working hard in the classroom was the norm, where all students shared the same goal of a college education, and where caring about your school community as a whole was the “normal” expectation for all students.  

At Linsly, boarding students have a structured daily schedule that supports learning. In addition to attending school and classes (like all students), boarding students must study, complete homework, and focus on their courses in the evenings. Faculty members are “on duty” in the dormitory nightly and available to help students. The opportunity to live and learn in a community focused on the same goals is significant and influential. When everyone around you is doing their school work, desires to do well, and is focused on learning, it helps students find purpose in doing their work and develop essential habits.

As part of Mrs. Zervos’ son’s college application essay, Theo wrote the following,

“Boarding school has not only taught me about the world, but it has also taught me responsibility, independence, and dedication. I’ve been given the advantage of living away from home, where I have responsibility over myself to keep on track. I’ve learned how to balance my freedoms with my responsibilities and to not allow the two to conflict. I feel better prepared for college thanks to these skills I have learned and developed.”

Individualized Attention

With an average class size ranging from 12 to 14 students per class across all grade levels, teachers are able to get to know every student. Individualized academic support is available to help students reach their full potential. Teachers offer support and one-on-one instruction before and after school regularly. A strong peer tutoring program and a unique academic support program, known as the Aviator Program, are also available for students who may need additional study skill development.
Students have a built-in support system, especially within the boarding program. First, they come to know the adults they live and work with as a family. Additionally, students find it helpful when they can study together, ask questions of one another, and are provided faculty help quickly and efficiently. This reduces frustration when challenged and makes learning fun and rewarding for everyone involved.

Mrs. Zervos remarked that her children had been challenged academically at Linsly and that it was important they learn how to handle these challenges before going to college. Dr. and Mrs. Zervos recognize the value of this life lesson and are grateful for the caring and supportive staff who provided her children with the tools to overcome struggles through their genuine care and concern. This is what Linsly does!

Part III coming soon...


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