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Why Boarding? Part I

Why Boarding? Part I

To help answer the title question, I sat down with Mrs. Amy Zervos, not only a current parent but also the parent of two Linsly alumni who were boarding students during their time at Linsly.

As Head of The Linsly School, Mr. Justin Zimmerman often gets asked about Linsly’s boarding program and why parents might want to choose to send their child to a boarding school. The following first part of a three-part blog series helps to address this question for parents who might be considering a boarding experience for their child.

Dr. Nick and Mrs. Amy Zervos are the proud parents of four children and reside in Morgantown, WV, a little over an hour's drive from the Linsly campus.  Their oldest child completed a Post-Graduate year at a New England boarding school. Their daughter Saige (Linsly Class of 2020) is a senior at University of Miami with a double major in Marine Science and Biology.  Their son Theo (Linsly Class of 2022) is a sophomore at University of Pittsburgh with a double major in Computer Science and Data Science.  Their youngest child, Ariah, is an 8th-grade day student, also at Linsly.

“Why Linsly?” Mr. Zimmerman asked.

Without hesitation, Mrs. Zervos replied, “Nick and I wanted our children to experience all the benefits of a college preparatory education and we felt strongly that included being a boarding student. Although my children are very different, their Linsly experience was consistent and instrumental in helping each of them discover who they are as individuals and helped to develop their self-confidence, strong work ethics, self-motivation, and independence.  When our children transitioned from Linsly to college, they were beyond ready!”  

When you talk to Theo or Saige, anyone would quickly recognize that Theo and Saige departed Linsly with a sense of responsibility to themselves and their college communities.

Here’s why…

Linsly prepares students for success in college and beyond! Mrs. Zervos will tell you that Linsly teaches many life lessons regarding prioritization, time management, and taking responsibility for yourself, and does so in an environment surrounded by trustworthy and honorable adults who truly care about children as their own.

Due to its size, location, and history, Linsly is unique as a boarding school. It offers students a home away from home while providing a rich academic program, structure, leadership opportunities, and a unique opportunity to live in a global community.

Part II coming soon...


If you want to learn more about The Linsly School or the boarding program, (either our 5 or 7-day boarding option) please do not hesitate to reach out to our admissions office or visit our boarding website at

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