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The Linsly Outdoor Center is located in Raccoon Creek State Park, Hookstown, PA. The Center has been developed for the implementation of Adventure, Environmental, and Outdoor Skills Education.

The 30 acre campus includes two dormitories, a dining room, administrative building, the LOC Nature Center, and a twenty element Challenge Ropes Course. Recreationally, there are outdoor basketball and volleyball courts, fields for softball and soccer, and two lakes available for use at the park.

Linsly students participate in at least one five-day program during the school year. These programs are at once intensely educational, and a tremendous amount of fun! Students will also be eligible to participate in many of the special activities, trips, and leadership opportunities available throughout the year. These trips include activities such as rock climbing, white water rafting, camping, backpacking, skiing, and ecology field walks. Even Linsly seniors take advantage of the LOC program. In their final week of school, the seniors enjoy a white water rafting trip together.

The Low Ropes Course
Our low ropes course offers eight elements requiring a high level of teamwork. The low ropes do not involve climbing, but focus on trust, mutual support, overcoming fears, developing self-confidence, and group problem-solving skills. Low ropes builds on the skills learned in Field Initiatives and is a prerequisite to use of the high ropes course. A day of low ropes and field initiatives makes an excellent introductory program for any group’s team building effort.

The High Ropes Course
Our eight element high ropes course is a series of cables, platforms, ropes, and tires suspended thirty feet above the ground. Participants are safely attached to a climbing rope at all times. The high ropes offer the maximum perceived risk with low actual risk (i.e. a safe way to challenge yourself).

We emphasize personal confidence development, commitment, and positive risk-taking. Our philosophy is Challenge by Choice. Individuals are expected to participate to the point where they feel personally challenged. This is not a "survival of the fittest" obstacle course, but a place for your group to discover its potential and delight in the feeling of personal accomplishment.

Participation in our field initiatives and/or low ropes team building program is a prerequisite for the high ropes.

Orienteering (map and compass)
This program teaches the use of the topographic map and compass to navigate through the wilderness. Working in small teams to find your way through our orienteering course, you quickly learn about teamwork and how well you listen to instructions. Our course meets the requirements for the Pennsylvania Girl Scout orienteering merit badge.

Rock Climbing and Rappelling, Caving, and Backpacking
We provide equipment, instruction, and a variety of destinations for these activities. It's a great way to try something new with your group. Whether you are climbing forty feet up a rock wall or exploring underground, our staff will safely guide you through these unique experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Is LOC open on weekends?

    Yes, the Linsly Outdoor Center is open seven days a week, year round.
  • What are the overnight accommodations like?

    We have two buildings with dormitory-style housing and a total capacity of 70 beds. Both buildings are heated, have individual and group showers, a fireplace, and individual chaperone rooms.
  • Is the low ropes course a preparation for rock climbing?

    No, the low ropes course does not involve climbing, but a one-day program of field initiatives and low ropes makes a good team building exercise in preparation for a climbing trip.
  • What is the age range of participants?

    We have programs for 10 year olds through adults.
  • Are these programs safe?

    Project Adventure's 20-Year Safety Study found an injury rate of 4.33 injuries per million hours of ropes course program exposure. Compare that to 4,500 injuries per million hours of soccer programs. What has a similar injury rate to ropes course programming? The finance, insurance, and real estate fields, with an injury rate of 4.5 per million hours.
  • What is the smallest group you can take?

    A group must have a minimum of ten participants (a minimum of fifteen participants if we need to provide meals.)
  • Do I need to be in peak physical condition?

    For many people, a day of experiential education programming is more physical activity than they've had in weeks, months, or even years. Don't worry, our programs are suited to a wide range of activity levels.


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