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Student Cell Phone Policy

At Monday's all-school meeting, Mr. Zimmerman reminded students of Linsly's cell phone policy. From 8:00-3:00 PM, cell phones are expected to remain in a student's locker.
This policy helps to create fewer distractions for our students, forces students to engage and communicate face-to-face, and prevents the constant "checking" to see what just happened on Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat or the other forms of social media that student's struggle to refrain from checking. As a school that also promotes the use of technology for learning purposes, it is acceptable for a student to have their iPad, a Chromebook, or a laptop with them for school purposes. Mr. Zimmerman also encouraged all of our faculty and staff to do a better job enforcing this policy.

As a parent, if you ever need to get a message to your child during the school day, please call the front office at 304-233-3260, and we will immediately get the message to your son or daughter.

Relatedly, Mr. Zimmerman would like to encourage parents to read an article recently published in The Atlantic. The article is written by Jean M. Twenge and is titled, Have Smartphones Destroyed A Generation?

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