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Reminder: Absences or Late Arrivals due to Inclement Weather

Although Linsly rarely delays and/or cancels school, parents are encouraged to use their best judgment as to the safety of driving on their neighborhood roads.
Linsly emphasizes that the safety of all of our students is our first priority. As a boarding school, we will almost always hold classes, but we will be understanding in the event that a student can not make it due to unsafe roads.  Students who miss for weather-related reasons will be given an excused absence. 

Parents choosing to keep their child home due to bad road conditions are asked to please call the office in the morning to inform us that your child will be late or absent. Students who come in late due to inclement weather should report to the main office. If school must delay or cancel, which occurs very infrequently, notification will occur by means of local television and radio broadcasts on WTRF 7, WTOV9, and WKWK 97.3, WWVA, 1170. A message will also be posted on Linsly's webpage, and those parents who are signed up to receive important text/email announcements from Linsly's website will receive a text and/or email message.

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