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The Prefect System

Prefect Committees

Advancement Committee 
Chair: Kyle Zelenitz
The Advancement Committee is responsible for connecting with Linsly alumni and assisting the Development Office. The senior members are Maria Holubeck, Tritan Plute, Katie Staley, and Kyle Zelenitz. Soma Hannon and Aaron Wang are junior members of the committee. In the fall, we worked with Mr. Landini, Mrs. Belancic, and Mr. DiOrio to plan for the alumni panel during reunion weekend. We also attended the dedication of a memorial tree for Mr. Robb Starck ‘66, which is planted in front of DiOrio Hall. In the spring, we’ll be helping with the Taste of Linsly on February 25th and hope to host a guest speaker sometime before the end of the year. 
Enrollment Committee
Chair: Amelia Jones
The Enrollment Committee is responsible for assisting Mr. Zitzelsberger, Ms. Megahan, and the admissions office. Prefects on the committee attend campus visit days giving information and tours to prospective families in a fun and interactive manner. Members on the committee include Ashish Urval, Megan Ondeck, Amelia Jones, Grace George, Ugo Onwuka, and Andrew Gamble. This year, we named 10 Cadet Ambassadors who are responsible for leading tours on Experience Linsly Days and during available study hall periods. Our goal was to improve tours that were more interactive for potential families. 
Student Life Committee
Chairs: Hudson Wagner and Carleigh West
The student life committee's main goal for this school year is to act as a voice for the student body. Members of the committee include our four juniors, Jack Fencl, Lauren Patt, Barlow Wagner and Sydney West, as well as our seven senior members including Jack Dudich, April Knight, Gwen Mirzoyan, Malachi Onwuka, Kevin Pietz, Austin Sims and Katie Spurrier. We have created the school snapchat account which highlights student activities. Additionally, we helped Mrs. Leone create the kindness tree, as well as the “Games of the Week”. The students life committee has also worked hand in hand with the other prefect committees to address the issues which students believe are the most important. In the near future the Student Life committee will be surveying students to create an image of the issues which matter to them, as to begin addressing them in the upcoming school year. Our main goal is to really become an effective voice for all students, so if you have an issue which you need to heard please come see one of the prefects
Academic Committee
Chair: Jessica Ghobrial
The academic committee is responsible for helping students reach their highest potential academically. The other members of the academic committee are Clare Miller, Edward Zhang, Jimmy Xu, Julie Songer, and Braedyn West. The committee is a resource for all students to get aid in any subject. Any struggling student will be matched with a teacher or student for tutoring. We also have recently started a new mentoring system that includes prefects beyond the committee. Struggling students are assigned to a prefect for general help in their academics. Our committee hopes to help students by giving them the available resources to build useful study techniques to use in not only high school, but also in college.

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