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Exam Schedule - First Semester 2018

Revision: Nov, 27, 2018

Exams will be given in the Paull Gym unless otherwise noted.
NOTE: Please check back prior to exams, as this schedule may change.
Fri, Dec 14 8:00-10:00
(CR) Science 5th
Science 7th
(CR) Conceptual Sci
Chemistry I
(MR) Envir Science
(CR) Zoology
(CR) AP Physics
Fri, Dec 14 10:30-12:30
(MR) Math 5th
(Stamp/Rm250) Science 6th
Science 8th
Biology I
(CR) AP Chem
(Rm 309) AP Bio
Fri, Dec 14 1:00-3:00
(MR) Math 6th
(CR) Pre Alg 6th
Social St. 7th
(CR) Spanish I Haizlett
(CR) Spanish I Coleman
(CR) French I Brutto
French I Sella
(CR) German I
German II
(CR) Latin I
Mon, Dec 17 8:00-10:00*
(Stamp/Rm250) Lang Art 6th
(MR) Lang Art 7th
English II
Eng Lang
AP Eng Lang
Mon, Dec 17 10:30-12:30*
(MR) Lang Art 5th
(Stamp/Rm250) Social St. 6th
(CR+) Civics 8
English I
English Lit
AP Eng Lit
Mon, Dec 17 1:00-3:00*
(MR) Social St. 5th
(CR) Latin II
(Rm 250) Latin III, IV
Spanish II, III, IV
French II, III, IV
German III, IV
Tue, Dec 18 8:00-10:00*
Pre Lang 7th
(CR) Alg I 8th, 9th Koehler
(CR) Alg I 8th, 9th Smith
(Rm 250) AB Calculus
Tue, Dec 18 10:30-12:30*
Pre Alg 7th
Alg I 7th
Algebra II
(CR) BC Calculus
(CR) Calculus
(CR) Algebra III
Tue, Dec 18 1:00-3:00*
Geometry 8th
Wed, Dec 19 8:00-10:00*
(CR) Civics 9
US History Crews
AP US Hist, Crews
(CR) AP US Hist, Brubaker
Human Geo
Wed, Dec 19 10:30-12:30*
(Rm 250) AP Gov't
World History
Wed, Dec 19 1:00-3:00*
* Language Arts 8th by appointment on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday

1. Exams will be in the Paull gym unless otherwise noted
2. (CR) - Exams will be given in the regular classroom
    (MR) - Exams will be given in the music room
3. All upper school students should be required to work a minimum of one hour and a maximum of two hours
4. Dress for all activities is coat and tie
5. Library will be open all school day for study
6. Breakfast will be served from 7:30 to 9:00
    Lunch will be served from 12:00 to 1:00
    Dinner will be served at 6:00
7. Behrens Gym / Stifel Field House will be open from 12:30 to 2:30 for recreation
8. Any conflicts - please see Mr. Depew

The Linsly School

60 Knox Lane, Wheeling WV, 26003
Phone: (304) 233-3260