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Recent Linsly Sports Scores

Saturday, 2/4/2023

Boys Varsity Basketball Only

Basketball - Boys, Varsity and JV
2:00 PM
Grand River Academy

Tuesday, 1/31/2023

Linsly v Edison, EastLiverpool and St. John's

Swimming - Upper School Girls
6:00 PM
Edison High School - Richmond OH
Win 124-26

East Liverpool High School
Win 122-33

St. John's Academy
Win 122-10

Tuesday, 1/31/2023

Linsly Swimming - Senior Night

Swimming - Upper School Boys
6:00 PM
Edison High School - Richmond OH
Win 104-45

East Liverpool High School
Win 120-18

Tuesday, 1/31/2023

Boys Varsity & JV Basketball

Basketball - Boys, Varsity and JV
5:30 PM
Steubenville High School
Win 90-53

Directions to our Facilities

For MANY Linsly home athletic events, using the following GPS address should get you close to our athletic facilities (Stifel Field House and Behrens Gym) and fields.
120 Leatherwood Lane, Wheeling, WV  26003

For swimming meets and events at the Paull Gym, use the following GPS address:
60 Knox Lane, Wheeling, WV  26003

Head Coaches

Athletic Director - Mr. B.J. Depew

Listed below are the head coaches for each sport:

Cheerleading - Girls, Varsity (Angel Lancaster)
Cross Country - Boys, Varsity (Mr. Nate Cumberworth)
Cross Country - Girls, Varsity (Mrs. Crissy D'Aquila)
Football - Boys, Jr. High (Mr. Kevin Kendzerski)
Football - Boys, JV (Mr. B.J. Depew)
Football - Boys, Varsity (Mr. B.J. Depew)
Golf - Varsity (Mr. Joseph Seabright)
Golf - Jr. High (Mr. Mark Landini)
Soccer - 5th/6th (Mrs. Sarah Ochap)
Soccer - 7th/8th (Mrs. Caty Coleman)
Soccer - Boys, Varsity (Mr. Greg Martin)
Soccer - Girls, Varsity (Mr. Chuck Neighoff)
Volleyball - Girls, Varsity (Mrs. Ashlee Jividen)
Volleyball - Girls, Jr. High (Mrs. Joy Van Scyoc)

Basketball - Boys, 5th/6th (Mr. George Irvin)
Basketball - Boys, 7th/8th (Mr. Doug Tush)
Basketball - Boys, 9th (Mr. Rob Zitzelsberger)
Basketball - Boys, JV (Mr. Tucker Wilkinson)
Basketball - Boys, Varsity (Mr. Dave Wojcik)
Basketball - Girls, 7th/8th  (Mr. Joseph Seabright)
Basketball - Girls, Varsity/JV (Mrs. Rebecca Upton)
Bowling - Coed, Varsity (Mrs. Penny Cunningham)
Cheerleading - Girls, Varsity (Angel Lancaster)
Hockey - Boys, Varsity (Mr. Stefan Brannare)
Swimming - Boys, Varsity (Mr. Nicholas Levi)
Swimming - Girls, Varsity (Mr. Nicholas Levi)
Wrestling - Boys, Varsity (Mr. Brian Valentine)

Baseball - Boys, Varsity (Mr. Jay Cartwright)
Baseball - Boys, JV (Mr. Christopher Kiedaisch)
Lacrosse - Boys, Varsity (Mr. Matt Perry)
Softball - Girls, Varsity (Mr. Paul Recrosio)
Swimming - Coed, Jr. High (Mr. Nicholas Levi)
Tennis - Boys, Varsity (Mr. Tyler Bickford)
Tennis - Girls, Varsity (Mr. David Riethmiller)
Track - Boys, Jr. High -
Track - Boys, Varsity (Nate Cumberworth)
Track - Girls, Jr. High (Mrs. Sarah Ochap)
Track - Girls, Varsity (Mrs. Katie Wallace)

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