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Recent Linsly Sports Scores

Wednesday, 9/18/2019

Varsity Volleyball - Tri vs. Central and River

Volleyball - Girls, Varsity/JV
5:30 PM
Wheeling Central Catholic High School
Win 2-0

River High School
Loss 0-2

Wednesday, 9/18/2019

Soccer - Girls, Varsity
5:30 PM
Wheeling Central Catholic High School
Win 7-0

Wednesday, 9/18/2019

Football - Boys, Jr. High
5:00 PM
Edison Middle School
Loss 0-14

Monday, 9/16/2019

Soccer - Girls, Varsity
6:00 PM
Brooke High School
Tie 3-3

Monday, 9/16/2019

Volleyball - Girls, Varsity/JV
5:30 PM
Fort Frye
Loss 0-3

Saturday, 9/14/2019

Football - Boys, Varsity
1:30 PM
Wheeling Central Catholic High School
Win 31-7

Saturday, 9/14/2019

Soccer - Girls, Varsity
10:30 AM
Loss 1-4

Head Coaches

Athletic Director - Mr. B.J. Depew

Listed below are the head coaches for each sport:

Cheerleading - Girls, Varsity (Ms. Jennifer Hempelmann)
Cross Country - Boys, Varsity (Mr. Nate Cumberworth)
Cross Country - Girls, Varsity (Mrs. Carrie Ochap)
Football - Boys, Jr. High (Mr. Jay Cartwright)
Football - Boys, JV (Mr. B.J. Depew)
Football - Boys, Varsity (Mr. B.J. Depew)
Golf - Coed, Jr. High (Mr. Joseph Seabright)
Golf - Coed, JV (Mr. John Martin)
Golf - Coed, Varsity (Mr. Mark Landini)
Soccer - Coed, 5th/6th (Mrs. Sarah Ochap)
Soccer - Coed, 7th/8th (Mrs. Caty Coleman)
Soccer - Boys, Varsity (Mr. Greg Martin)
Soccer - Girls, Varsity (Mr. Darryl Crews)
Volleyball - Girls, Varsity (Mrs. Ashlee Jividen)
Volleyball - Girls, Jr. High (Mrs. Maggie Allison)

Basketball - Boys, 5th/6th (Mr. Mark Dodd)
Basketball - Boys, 7th (Nate Cumberworth)
Basketball - Boys, 8th (Mr. Christopher Kiedaisch)
Basketball - Boys, 9th (Mr. Greg Martin)
Basketball - Boys, Varsity/JV (Mr. David Wojcik)
Basketball - Girls, 5th/6th (Mrs. Penny Cunningham)
Basketball - Girls, 7th/8th (Mrs. Aslynn Belancic)
Basketball - Girls, Varsity/JV (Mrs. Rebecca Upton)
Cheerleading - Girls, Varsity (Ms. Jalynn Keyser)
Hockey - Boys, Varsity (Mr. Stefan Brannare)
Swimming - Boys, Varsity (Mr. William Brubaker)
Swimming - Girls, Varsity (Mr. William Brubaker)
Swimming - Coed, Jr. High ()
Wrestling - Boys, Varsity (Mr. Brian Valentine)

Baseball - Boys, Varsity (Mr. Jay Cartwright)
Baseball - Boys, JV (Mr. Christopher Kiedaisch)
Lacrosse - Boys, Varsity (Mr. Matt Perry)
Softball - Girls, Varsity (Mr. Darryl Crews)
Tennis - Boys, Varsity (Mrs. Rebecca Upton)
Tennis - Girls, Varsity (Mr. David Riethmiller)
Track - Boys, Jr. High - TBA
Track - Boys, Varsity (Nate Cumberworth)
Track - Girls, Jr. High (Mrs. Sarah Ochap)
Track - Girls, Varsity (Mrs. Katie Wallace)

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