Assessment Week Schedule

Please read the following schedule for the end-of-year assessment week. Please note that Middle School and Upper School have different schedules to follow during assessment week.
Middle School Portfolio Assessment Week: Friday, May 20 - Wednesday, May 25
Middle School students in grades 5-8 will NOT attend any classes this week. Each student is responsible for attending his/her portfolio presentation at the scheduled time. Portfolio scheduling for all middle school students will take place on Monday, May 2. 
Eighth graders who take an upper school-level class (i.e. World Language or Geometry) will need to follow the Upper School Performance Week schedule for that class time.
Upper School Performance Assessment Week: Friday, May 20- Wednesday, May 25
Upper school students in grades 9-11 will participate in final performance assessments during their class period per the above schedule.  If a student does not have a performance assessment scheduled because they are in study hall or an elective that doesn't require one during that period, they do not need to attend school during that time.