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The Importance of Visiting Campus

We believe the best way to learn more about our community is by visiting campus. There are multiple ways to do this. You can schedule a time for a personal visit and tour, or attend a campus visit day, which is called an "Experience Linsly Day." Contact our office or an admissions counselor to determine what may be best for you! Why Should I Attend an Experience Linsly Day?

Exploring new options is never easy and is something many of us approach with hesitation. So many times we continue to put these decisions or changes off until it is too late. Why you may ask? Regarding educational choices, we put these decisions off because of things we may have heard or fear that change would be too difficult or not knowing if our children will fit in. Please, do not make this mistake.  

Helpful & Transparent Process

At Linsly, our admissions team will work to make this process as simple and as transparent as possible. The first step in this process can be to schedule a personal visit and/or attend an Experience Linsly Day. An Experience Linsly Day allows you to visit Linsly to learn more about all we have to offer. Hear from students, faculty, and parents and tour the school. The time commitment is minimal and we work to keep prospective families and students active on their visits.

Curriculum, Atmosphere, and Parent Engagement

By visiting, you will learn more about our curriculum and learning atmosphere. We believe these components set Linsly apart from other schools. Our small class sizes (an average of 12 students) allow our teachers to get to know and interact with every student every day. One of the many highlights of this relationship is the feedback parents receive when report cards are published and every teacher writes a personal paragraph describing how each student is doing in their class. Weekly and daily feedback is also provided, allowing parents to assist their child during the Linsly experience.

Tuition, Costs & Financial Aid

Our admission team will be happy to discuss financial aid and the need-based scholarships available. Additionally, for West Virginia residents, we will be eager to explain how someone can apply for the Hope Scholarship, which could help make a Linsly experience more affordable for your family. We use a third-party, confidential, and user-friendly company to make the financial aid process as easy as possible. Additionally, we will help you every step of the way.

Get to Know Us! 

The best part about attending an Experience Linsly Day is interacting with our students and our faculty. You will begin your Linsly journey by interacting with current students and faculty throughout the day.  Parents will have the opportunity to hear what life is like for our students. You may hear about their favorite classes and a story or two about their favorite teacher. Parents will hear the passion and love for teaching from our faculty and how we care for every student. Our faculty know they are blessed to work in a setting where they have the opportunity to get to know each student they teach and spend quality time with them every day. 

Let us Help! 

You will walk away from Experience Linsly Day with a better understanding of what we do and how we do it at Linsly. You will see that change is possible and Linsly is available to assist you and prepare your child for a life of academic success, where they are inspired to be leaders in their communities, and where we will help them develop their character so that they set themselves apart from their peers.

Take advantage of an Experience Linsly Day!

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As the late Joe Giovengo would constantly remind anyone interested in Linsly,

“I used to think how could I afford Linsly for my children, and after visiting and seeing what they had to offer, I changed my thought process to ‘How can I not afford to send my children to Linsly.’”

Exploring Your Educational Options

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