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Named Scholarships

Linsly is fortunate to have the support of alumni, current and past parents, and friends who have illustrated their support of our school through an established named scholarship.  The Named Scholarship Program provides opportunities for prospective families who could not otherwise enroll at Linsly without the support of financial aid.  

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The Malone Family Foundation

a recent recipient of the Malone Scholarship

The Linsly School is proudly one of 50 independent schools across the United States to have been awarded the prestigious Malone Scholarship Grant, a $2 MILLION endowment designed to support the school's scholarship program.

In the Spring of 2012, The Malone Family Foundation selected The Linsly School as one of the top independent educational institutions in the nation.
The Malone Family Foundation was founded in 1997 with one principal objective: to improve access to quality education - particularly at the secondary school level - for gifted students who lack the financial resources to best develop their talents.

The Malone Family Foundation selected Linsly based on evidence of high academic standards, quality of faculty and staff, excellent accommodations for gifted and talented students, strong AP and enrichment programs, a commitment to individual attention for all students, financial strength, and a commitment to financial aid.

The Malone Family Foundation Scholarship is awarded to academically talented students applying for grades 7-9 who are in the top 5th percentile or above on their standardized test scores, who exemplify academic excellence in their GPA, and whose families demonstrate financial need.

Applicants for the Malone Scholarship Program must meet the following criteria:
  • Be a U.S. Citizen
  • Meet The Linsly School's Admissions Requirements
  • Apply for grades 7-9
  • Perform in the top 5% of their class defined by class rank and/or score at or above the 95th percentile on achievement tests
  • Demonstrate a record of academic excellence
  • Show enthusiasm and motivation for maximizing his or her educational opportunities
  • Demonstrate financial need to qualify for funding at least 30% of tuition through ISM FAST (Linsly's Financial Aid Service)
Scholarship Application Process
  • Complete The Linsly School application for admissions
  • Complete the Malone Scholars Program application
  • Submit standardized test scores
  • Supply two completed teacher recommendation forms
  • Apply for financial aid through ISM FAST
  • Supply transcript/report cards
  • Submit writing sample

The DiOrio Scholarship

The DiOrio Scholarship, named after longtime Linsly Headmaster, Mr. Reno DiOrio, is a scholarship dedicated to providing a quality college preparatory education to deserving young men and women from the local community who otherwise would not have the financial means to attend Linsly.

The primary goal of the DiOrio Scholarship is to support local (Ohio Valley) students of high promise, high character, and great potential for positive impact on our society and the Linsly community.

Expectations for DiOrio Scholars are that they have a significant and positive impact on society as they pursue high standards of achievement in their chosen fields of academics, extracurricular activities, and community involvement. The DiOrio Scholarship is awarded to an incoming upper school student who demonstrates high academic achievement in his/her GPA, Linsly admissions entrance exam, and standardized testing; who demonstrates exceptional achievements in one of the following areas: STEM, Visual Arts, Performing Arts or Athletics; and who demonstrates financial need. DiOrio Scholars are expected to maintain good academic standing (3.5 GPA or above) during their career at Linsly and uphold strong moral and behavioral standards with an emphasis on self-reliance, initiative, work ethic, honesty, integrity, and respect for others as well as be an active member of the Linsly community through participation in school-based extracurricular activities.

Applicants for the DiOrio Scholarship Must:
  • Be a resident of the Ohio Valley
  • Apply for upper school (grades 9-11) admission
  • Demonstrate high academic achievement on standardized testing, GPA, and entrance exam
  • Demonstrate exceptional achievements in one of the following areas:
    • STEM
    • Visual Arts
    • Performing Arts
    • Athletics
  • Demonstrate financial need
Scholarship Application Process
  • Complete The Linsly School application for admissions
  • Complete the DiOrio Scholarship application
  • Submit standardized test scores
  • Supply two completed teacher recommendation forms
  • Apply for financial aid through ISM FAST
  • Supply transcript/report cards
  • Submit writing sample

Named Scholarships at Linsly

• Andrew C. Hess Scholarship
• Banes Scholarship
• Caldwell Scholarship
• Class of 1950 Scholarship
• Class of 1953 Scholarship
• Class of 1984 David Rose Memorial Scholarship
• Christopher (‘77) and Cheryl Riley Scholarship
• Dicke Family Scholarship
• DiOrio Scholarship
• Edward J. and Elizabeth J. Coyne Scholarship
• Elizabeth Hogan Franzheim Scholarship
• “Eudie” Joseph Scholarship
• Fawcett Scholarship
• George & Martha Straub Scholarship
• Gilbert S. Bachmann Scholarship
• Gummer Scholarship
• Hazlett Family Scholarship
• Holly Steger ('92) Scholarship
• James B. Chambers Foundation
• James E. Meredith ('70) Scholarship
• Jeffery Renner Franzheim Scholarship
• John Anwar Scholarship
• John M. Brodowski Scholarship
• Joseph and Kathy Gompers Scholarship
• Kraft Scholarship
• Lucile Munn Scholarship
• Malone Family Foundation Scholarship
• Maiese Scholarship
• McCamic Scholarship
• McNulty Scholarship
• Paul D. Benedum Jr. Scholarship
• Peter C. and Ada E. Rossin Scholarship
• Petroplus Scholarship
• Sally Bodkin Scholarship
• Scaife Family Scholarship
• Seibert Scholarship
• Sincavich Scholarship
• Stamp Family Scholarship
• Stifel Scholarship
• William J. Bushfield, Jr. (‘56) Scholarship
• William E. Weiss Scholarship
• Willie Clay, III Scholarship
All applicants will be considered for the above-mentioned scholarships when going through the normal admissions process.

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