Tuition & Costs

Affording a Linsly experience

A Linsly education is an investment in your son or daughter's future. For many families, affording a Linsly education is one of their first concerns as they begin the Admissions process.

$4 Million

During the past school year, Linsly awarded financial aid to more than half of our student body. We see a Linsly education as giving the greatest gift ever to your child. Thus, we distributed over $4 million in financial aid for the 2020-21 academic year. We take great pride in making the “Linsly Experience” affordable and accessible to our students as we continue to attract a highly capable and diverse student body.

When completing the admission application, indicating if you are applying for financial aid is important. We can begin to help you with the financial aid process should we know ahead of time.

2020-21 Linsly Tuition and Fees

Middle School 
  • Day Student: $17,850
  • Boarding Student: $40,740

Upper School
  • Day Student: $19,850
  • Boarding Student: $42,740

Fees Range - $500-$1,500 *

* Variables include grade level, course selection, new versus used books, and care of uniforms. Families may incur additional miscellaneous expenses associated with school or class-sponsored trips. All students are required to have a WiFi-enabled device at Linsly. Many students use chromebooks, macbooks, Ipads, etc...

NAIS Member School Tuition Discount
After completing the admission process, students who have a parent employed as a full-time faculty member (administrator or teacher) at a NAIS member school qualify for a tuition reduction of 50%. In addition, need-based financial aid may be offered beyond the 50% tuition break for those families who demonstrate additional need through ISM Fast.  

How to Apply for Financial Aid

The Linsly School understands that affording the full cost of a Linsly education is a concern to many families. The Office of Admissions is here to help you navigate through the financial aid process. Through need-based merit scholarships and need-based financial aid, Linsly strives to make our school's outstanding education an affordable and accessible option for your child.

The following steps explain the financial aid process:
1. Indicate your intentions to apply for financial aid
On Linsly's Admissions Application, you will indicate your intentions to apply for financial aid.
Each year, we require new and returning families applying for financial aid to complete the financial aid application with ISM fast. ISM fast will be available on Nov. 1st for the 2021-2022 academic year
3. Submit all necessary documents to complete the financial aid process
The Linsly School requires all families applying for financial aid to submit tax forms (1040) and W2s with all schedules and attachments to ISM fast. Please notify the Office of Admission with any questions or concerns.

Please contact Mr. R.J. Zitzelsberger, Director of Admissions and Financial Aid, with any questions or concerns about financial aid or the financial aid application process.
The Linsly School offers a traditional college preparatory program where academic excellence and character development are emphasized in every facet of student life.