The Prefect System
The prefect system is Linsly's form of student government. It is comprised of outstanding seniors and a limited number of exceptional juniors.

The prefect system is active in every phase of life at Linsly. Prefects assist new students in their adjustment to Linsly; they act as liaisons between students and faculty. Prefects also assist with Admissions tours and help tutor underclassmen. Prefects are also authorized to distribute demerits for violation of school policy. They serve in this way as an extension of the faculty and administration. Through regular meetings with the Head of School, they help plan social and educational activities for the school.

Prefect selection is based on an application system. Students will apply through a series of written essays. Grade point average, attendance, citizenship, participation in clubs, activities and sports make up a large portion of the process. Additionally, the graduating senior prefects and a faculty committee vote for the incoming class of prefects.
(A recently graduated Head Prefect explains the Prefect System at Linsly)

“The Prefect System: Linsly’s form of student government”.  A great definition; however, this doesn’t really describe who we are or what we do.  We are “driven”, “inspired”, “determined”, “dedicated”, “energetic”, “dynamic”, and “reliable”.  We are students, athletes, artists, visionaries, and friends.  We are a group of juniors and seniors who have been given the opportunity to serve Linsly as liaisons between the student body and the faculty.  We are students who, like many of you, want to help make Linsly a unique experience.   Each year, we will try to incorporate new plans in order to enhance student life.  From assisting with the organization of Linsly’s tutoring system, to creating chants to increase school spirit, Prefects are important for making Linsly what it is today.  It is our responsibility to make Linsly a place you will be proud to call yours.