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The STEAM curriculum for Linsly's middle school students combines the disciplines of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics to create an integrated and holistic learning experience.

The goal of our STEAM program is to foster creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and collaboration among students. In a STEAM class, students engage in hands-on activities, projects, and experiments that encourage them to apply knowledge from multiple subjects to solve real-world challenges.

By incorporating the arts into the traditional STEM subjects, STEAM curriculum recognizes the importance of creativity and aesthetics in innovation and encourages students to explore the connections between these disciplines.

At Linsly, middle school students have the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills that are essential for their future academic and professional success. They learn to think critically and analytically, identify problems, and develop innovative solutions.

Through hands-on activities, our students develop their technical skills in areas such as coding, robotics, and design. They also cultivate their creativity and artistic expression by exploring various forms of art, including visual arts, music, and digital media. Furthermore, the collaborative nature of STEAM projects helps students enhance their communication and teamwork abilities as they work together to solve complex problems. Overall, the STEAM curriculum in our middle school prepares the students to be well-rounded, adaptable, and well-equipped to thrive in the increasingly interdisciplinary and technology-driven world of the 21st century.