Library Materials

Books in the library are accessed by searching the library's catalog which is available online or at the Reference Desk.

Most books are shelved by genre, or type of book. We have separate sections for reference, fiction, junior fiction, non-fiction, short stories, DVDs and biographies. Additionally, oversized non-fiction books are shelved together on the Quarto shelves. Non-fiction books, and DVDs are shelved in Dewey Decimal order. Fiction, junior fiction, and short stories are shelved by author's last name; biographies are shelved by the subject's last name.

Online Databasess
Our school subscribes to several online databases which could be useful in your research. Please go to the Online Resources page.

Encyclopedias are available.

The library subscribes to magazines for browsing and current events. The most recent magazines are on display in the back of the library under the windows; older issues are kept in the back room of the library.

Reference Books
Reference books such as almanacs, handbooks, yearbooks, special encyclopedias, atlases, etc., are located in the front room of the library. 

DVDs are available for students and faculty to check out or to view in the library. DVDs are stored in the back room of the library.

Linsly Archives and Museum
Many books, records, pictures, uniforms and other memorabilia about the Linsly School have been assembled in the Linsly Museum and Archives, located in the Dlesk Conference Center (located just across the parking lot from the main building, Banes Hall). On Wednesdays, our archivists, located in the Linsly Museum, are available to answer requests for help.