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The Coudon Ogden Library at the Linsly School is located in a large sunny room off the central hallway of Banes Hall, Linsly's main classroom building.  It is a great place to find books, read magazines, explore the Internet, research hot topics, type papers, study with your classmates, and meet with teachers.

Librarians are here when you need help. We want to make sure you find the best information for your research project. While this web site will answer many of your questions, there is no substitute for a real person!

The Coudon Ogden Library is named for George Price Whitaker Coudon, and H.C. Ogden, members of two generous donor families who supported the Library in 1968 when the school built Banes Hall. For more details about the school, check out the book The Linsly School by Robert Schramm.

Borrowing materials

The normal loan period for books and videos is two weeks. If you need more time, please stop at the Reference Desk to renew your item(s). If someone is waiting for an item, it must be returned promptly.

Copying and printing

The library has a number of computers that are networked to a printer (located in the side room). A photocopier is also located in the side room. Copies are free. Please ask for help when you need it.

Computer access in library

Wifi access is available in the library for student owned laptops, iPads, etc.  Library computers are available for students who need to do work or print.


Your teacher may ask the library staff to put aside some books for your class to use. In that case, please refrain from checking out these books; they are temporarily for library use only.


Ms. Paula Lestini

Head Librarian