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Our teachers share a common calling.  They are not individuals who see education as an 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM job.  They are not individuals who see themselves as specialists in a very narrow area, uninterested in the broadest learning of their students.  Linsly teachers are interested in the complete development of Linsly students.  They are diverse in their talents, varied in their interests, and committed to a model of education that places the relationship with their students at the heart of the teaching experience

Many of Linsly's faculty live on campus, making them readily accessible for extra help and counsel.

As advisors, our faculty members build strong and lasting relationships with their students. 

At Linsly, this strong sense of community is felt in all aspects of school life.  The Linsly School is extremely proud of its accomplished and respected faculty and administrative team. Click the directory search at right to browse our entire Faculty & Staff Directory.

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