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Standardized Testing

Standardized test results are a factor in the college admission process and Linsly prepares students daily in the classroom.  In addition, resources are provided to students based on their individual strengths and weaknesses determined through the national PSAT exam and PrepMe SAT in the Naviance program.

The PSAT is typically the first exposure an upper school student has to college entrance testing.  It is given annually to all sophomore and junior students at Linsly during the school day.  The test date is a national test day set yearly, normally on a Wednesday, in mid October.  The results of the PSAT are received prior to winter break.  These results are a great preparation tool for the students.  In addition to receiving the test scores, the students get their test booklet and break down of all the answers.  A unique access code is assigned to each student.  This code allows them to log on to the site for more detailed information on each question/answer.

The Naviance test preparation function, PrepMe SAT, is the second test prep resource available.  In the spring of the Sophomore year, students are provided with an introduction to Naviance as a college search tool and for assistance with test prep.  Initially, students take baseline tests in math and critical reading.  From those results, the PrepMe program, prepares a timeline of review based on the students individual strengths and weaknesses from the baseline tests.  In addition, through PrepMe, students can access a tutorial database with specific tutorials in any area of interest.  

These are two great ways for students to help themselves outside of the daily classroom preparation they receive as Linsly students.  Mrs. Cunningham also has many sample test prep booklets available for students in her office.  The biggest challenge is to get the students to take advantage of both of these self-paced and self-motivated opportunities.  Please encourage them to spend time, even small amounts daily reviewing and preparing for future standardized tests.

In addition to the PSAT, students are encouraged to begin thinking about a timeline of testing that may begin in the Spring of the Sophomore year.  The ACT and the SAT are the two standardized test that are accepted by colleges.  Many students will choose to test early and try both the ACT and SAT to see which is a good match for them.  Colleges will accept either test as a part of the admission process.   All test dates are set a year in advance.  It is strongly encouraged that the students’ evaluate their own personal commitments before scheduling which tests to take and register for.  These are two different testing agencies and require the students to set up accounts on each prior to registration.  Ideally, a final SAT/ACT is taken in the fall of the senior year prior to college admission deadlines.

The College Counseling Office is available to assist students with any questions they may have concerning college testing.  Please use the links below to go to the different test websites and see Mrs. Cunningham when needed.

SAT Information

SAT Online Registration Linsly students must register online. Be sure to sign up in advance of the late registration deadline.
College Board Customer service: 1-609-771-7600
Take an official SAT Practice Test (free)

Test dates, registration, and important information can be found on the College Board site.

Code Numbers - a Reminder from Mrs. Cunningham

"When registering for the SAT tests, please remember to have your score reports sent to Linsly by providing the school code number 491410.  Don't get that confused with the Linsly test site number, which is 49150."

PSAT/NMSQT Information

All sophomores and juniors take the PSAT test during school on a date Mrs. Cunningham will announce. Students are automatically registered through Linsly. Results and the students test booklets will be mailed out in November.

ACT Information

ACT Online Registration If you are interested in taking the ACT, you must register yourself at a nearby test site. Please be sure to provide your school code number (491410) so your results are sent to Linsly.
ACT customer service: 319-337-1270
Web site: 

Test dates are available for viewing online at the ACT site.

Advanced Placement Exams

Students will sign up through their AP teachers for the exams they wish to take prior to Spring Break. The exams are administered at Linsly. The exam fees will be billed to the students’ accounts.

A complete testing schedule for the AP exams is available online.