College Counseling
Finding the best college or university to match each individual student’s needs and interests is the ambition of the college counseling office.

Mrs. Penny Cunningham, the Director of College Counseling, conducts a comprehensive program with the students throughout their upper school careers. She advises them on the college search process, financial aid, testing, and the college application and selection process.  

In addition to individual meetings with students and parents, a major part of our college admissions assistance is college counseling which is done in conjunction with the Naviance Family Connection program.  This web-based program allows students to research colleges and scholarships, practice for standardized testing, and experience a personality assessment that ties to an extensive career listing and much more.  Students receive login information for the Naviance program in their sophomore year and begin meeting with Mrs. Cunningham on a more regular basis at that time.

The culmination of the college counseling process is during the senior year when seniors are enrolled in the Senior Seminar Class.  Senior Seminar Class meets one day a week and is dedicated to the college process.  This is a terrific opportunity for the seniors to work in small groups on specific college-related topics, to have hands-on work time for college applications, and to ask any questions about the process.

Overall, the college search and selection process at Linsly is very personalized.  The combination of Mrs. Cunningham, the Linsly faculty, and the Naviance Program empowers the students with the understanding of their academic and personal priorities when selecting an institution of higher learning.

Recently graduated seniors have been enrolled at many extraordinary colleges and universities.


  • School Profile
    The Linsly School Profile provides colleges with a snapshot of the school.  The profile is sent by Mrs. Cunningham to colleges with the students' transcripts.  It allows college admission professionals to easily have access to pertinent information including the grading scale, AP information, and special programs.
  • Download Transcript Request (Current Students)
    Request a transcript from Mrs. Cunningham. This is to be completed and submitted to Mrs. Cunningham two weeks prior to the application deadline or prior to Thanksgiving Break (when all applications should be completed)
  • Download Transcript Request (Former Students)
    Request a transcript from Mrs. Cunningham. The Office of Colleg Counseling requires 3 days notice to prepare and send your transcript. Every attempt is made to complete your request prior to this time frame.
  • Download Release Form
    This form will allow Mrs. Cunningham to release a copy of your transcipt, as well as other school forms, to colleges, universities, scholarship programs, or summer school programs to which you will apply.

List of 3 members.

  • Mrs. Penny Cunningham 

    Director of College Counseling
    (304) 234-4616 x502
  • Mrs. Christina Lofstead 

    Assistant to the Director of College Counseling
    Centenary College - B.S.
  • Mr. Matthew Perry 

    College Counseling Office
    304-234-4616 x518
Juniors, Seniors and their Parents:

Click to go to the Naviance Family Connection site for college and scholarship information. (Password needed. Mrs. Cunningham will distribute this information to Junior and Senior families at a guidance meeting.)

Mrs. Cunningham Explains the College Selection Process

(Mrs. Penny Cunningham is Linsly's Director of College Counseling)

"Congratulations! You have taken the first steps in your college search process. It is helpful to start early and begin gathering information and familiarizing yourself with the admission process. I've come up with some helpful advice and questions to aid you in this process:

• Ask yourself if a college suits your needs rather than choosing it based on name recognition.
• Get as much information as you can about colleges ~ even those you don’t think you would like. Look through college guides, web sites and brochures.
• Don’t let tuition costs stop you from applying to a college you really want to attend. You might be surprised!
• Take an active role in seeking scholarships and getting detailed information from financial aid offices.
• The chances of finding the perfect campus are slim. Don’t disqualify a school because it does not fit the picture you imagined. Keep your options open.
• Visit, visit, visit! Stay overnight if you can. Visit more than once if possible.
• Don’t procrastinate filling out applications. Do take the time to carefully complete them and get them in early.

Remember, I am available every day to answer any questions you have about getting into college.  Please stop by and keep me posted on your progress."