Advisory Program

Linsly's Advisory Program provides guidance from the faculty members in both academic and personal matters.

Students meet daily for at least ten minutes of the academic day with other advisees. Thirty more minutes will be spent with the group, or some students will attend club meetings during our "A-Block." While this is an ideal time for group discussions, students may call upon their faculty advisor for help or advice whenever needed.

The average advisor group consists of ten students. Middle school students and all new students are assigned advisors, and returning upper school students choose their advisors at the end of every year. The advisor becomes the student's close personal contact with the school, and advisors are available to offer assistance in all areas of a student's life.

The Advisory Program allows a small group of students and a faculty mentor to get to know one another personally outside of the academic environment.
"Advisor period is a great way to start the day. You see your friends and have a lot of fun. Your advisor group is like your school family."

"My advisor really seems to know me, and his advice is pretty insightful. I feel very comfortable talking things over with him."

"Every day when I come to school, I know that my advisor is here and I know that it's time when some of my peers and I can come together and learn more about each other and the different aspects of our school life."

"When I first started at Linsly, I had trouble organizing my time. My advisor looked at my schedule and she helped me see how I could balance my time between sports, homework, and clubs."

"A lot of times in advisor period, my advisor makes plans with us for an evening trip to a local restaurant known for its hot wings. We all go in the school van and have a great time!"