Academic Support

The Aviator Program

The Aviator Program is a supplementary educational option available to Linsly students during school hours in replace of a regularly scheduled Study Hall.  Students are admitted to the program where they attend a structured learning environment that is designed to individualize learning to aid success.

Students work with the Program Director to ensure accuracy and maximum productivity. Those enrolled in the Aviator Program will focus on organization, time management, study skills, note taking, and independence and work towards becoming independent learners. Students also work on scheduling times with their teachers to allow for even more in-depth individualized instruction and have access to junior and senior prefect tutors.

Within the Aviator Program, students are also able to register for SAT/ACT prep classes using the Naviance PrepMe Program that Linsly offers to students. Students spend time in the Aviator Program for four weeks before their registered test date and complete the SAT Diagnostic Test and spend their class period going through the interactive practice work. Seniors and juniors are available to register, however, seats are limited and seniors will receive first priority.

Student enrollment is determined by teacher recommendations, class failures, and the decision of the Aviator Program Director.

Mrs. Amy DLesk
304-233-3260 Ext: 108

After Hours Learning Center

This support option is available to boarding school students in place of their regular evening study hall.  The objective of the After Hours Learning Center (AHLC) is to provide students additional support for study skills and academic work, and also to help them structure their study hall time. 

At 7:30 PM, students go to the library where they report all of their work to the teacher/proctor who tracks it in a notebook.  Students are expected to keep track of their assignments in a daily planner throughout the day to help make this reporting easier.  The instructor will make sure the student remains on task, and also assist the student in a number of possible areas (whether it is setting time management goals to stay on track, quizzing them on vocabulary terms, or reading through an essay to offer feedback).  Middle school students work until 9:00 PM and upper school students until 9:30 PM, which is consistent with the boarding school department guidelines.

Peer Tutoring

Extra help in class work is available, and students are encouraged to seek this help. Teachers are available for extra help before and after school or during a mutually agreed period. When required, extra help takes precedence over other activities. Students on Deficiency List are required to have extra help.

Junior and Senior Prefects, as well as other qualified upperclassmen, serve as tutors to supplement extra academic help administered by faculty. This program is supervised by the Deans.

The Middle School peer tutoring program gives 5th-8th grade students extra opportunities to practice particular skills in any subject area necessary. The student, the teacher, or the parent may make referrals to the program. When referring a student, simply email Mrs. Loudermilk at to get things started. The child will meet individually with an older student from our school who is trained as a tutor.