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a student at a whiteboard being guided by his teacher

The academic program and my Linsly teachers more than prepared me for college and the coursework required when I transitioned from Linsly to college.
Countless Alumni

The Linsly School academic program offers college prep and honors level classes while remaining grounded in skill, knowledge, character, and personal development. 

Teachers at Linsly utilize the Understanding By Design curriculum framework, developed by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe, which promotes instruction focused on developing and deepening understandings of important ideas and critical learning objectives while using essential questions, varied teaching strategies, and innovative performance assessments. Consequently, students are engaged in a rich, meaningful, and rewarding learning experience. 

Linsly ensures students meet or have opportunities to exceed the requirements to earn entry into some of the world's most competitive and selective colleges. Yet, a Linsly education is much more than just standard requirements or test scores. Students will engage in dynamic classes in all disciplines and learn more than they ever thought possible. 

Teacher feedback is provided for Linsly students regularly. In addition, parents and students receive grades and personalized comments at the end of each grading period (four times per year) informing them of how their child is performing. Additionally, in each course, students can earn recognition for acting with character, effort, and a positive attitude by receiving a Head’s Performance List (HPL) Merit Award.  

Portrait of a Linsly Graduate

This unique combination of academic and character development within our college preparatory curriculum sets the foundation for a Linsly student to lead and succeed in college and beyond. We believe the following characteristics and attributes expressed in the Linsly Portrait of a Graduate accurately represent students who complete the Linsly experience and graduate from The Linsly School.

Students will…