School Facts

Student Body: Grades 5-12
Middle School Enrollment: 149
Upper School Enrollment: 287
Day Students: 337
Boarding Students: 98 (10 states and 18 countries represented)
Faculty: 54 Full-Time
Student/Faculty Ratio: 9:1
Average class size: 15
College Placement: 100%
Extracurricular Activities: 20 School-sponsored organizations
Athletics: 20 Interscholastic Teams, Members of The Ohio Valley Athletic Conference, Members of the Interstate Prep School League

Campus Size: 57 Acres
Facilities: 18 Buildings, including 4 dormitories
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Other Information
School Colors: Orange and Black
Athletic Team Name: The Cadets
School Song: The Linsly Alma Mater by Douglas Haigwood

North Central Association of Colleges and Schools
The Independent Schools Association of the Central States

National Association of Independent Schools
The College Board
National Association of College Admissions Council
Potomac Chesapeake A.C.A.C.