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As teachers, coaches, advisors, club leaders, theater directors, and dorm parents, we welcome the opportunity to get to know you and your son or daughter and promise that we will get to know them well inside and outside of the classroom.  Together we will discover their strengths and weaknesses and we will work to challenge them where they are capable, and support them where they need guidance.  In a constantly changing world where we are uncertain what the future holds for our students, we are committed to challenging our students to work hard academically, and also to practice the skills they will need for success in college and beyond.

Reviews Of Linsly, The Best Private School Near Pittsburgh, PA

"As a Linsly alumnus I found myself extremely prepared for college. I know my performance here was pretty average, but now I find myself being one of the strongest students in my college classes. My classmates have even been asking me for help, especially with writing!" - Told by an alumnus, class of 2015, on a recent visit back to campus

I just wanted to say thank you for helping me grow in so many ways in and outside of the classroom. Next fall I will be well prepared! - Email from a recent alumnus right after graduation to her Linsly teacher

As I'm completing my freshman year, I just wanted to thank you and tell you that your class definitely prepared me for college. - Email from a recent alumnus (class of 2014) to his Linsly teacher

Leadership Opportunities for Our Private High School Students:

  • Get involved in a number of opportunities here at Linsly from proposing a new club to being the captain of your team to tutoring another student in a subject that is a strength for you.
  • Prefect system - Linsly’s form of student government.  Committee Chairs work with Jr. & Sr.  prefects on a number of goals.

College Prep High School Classes

Learn more about why Linsly is considered the best private school near Pittsburgh, PA

  • Rigorous college preparatory program that will challenge students and push them to work at the highest level they are capable of.  The classroom environment allows both teachers and students to challenge each other to perform their best.

    I wanted to take this time in between some classes to thank you for everything you helped me through last year with not only your course but in helping me decide my future route in life. - Email from a recent alumnus and college freshman to her Linsly Private School teacher

  • AP course offerings

    I just checked my AP test scores and received a 5. I'm very pleased with my score because it will allow me to receive a credit for college. Thank you for pushing me to take the exam and pushing me to do my best the whole year! - Email from a recent alumni and college freshman to her Linsly teacher
  • Instructors focused on incorporating the 8 traits of student engagement
    • Real World Connections
    • Group Work

      At Parents' Day, my daughter's English teacher told us about expectations for group work and how that looks, which is a very dynamic classroom environment. My daughter has expressed that this is her most challenging class and I can see why. He makes them do things that kids aren't comfortable doing, speaking in front of groups! She will be an all-around better student because of this class. - 11th-grade parent reflecting on Parents' Day

    • Project Based Learning
    • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

      I just want to say thank you for helping me to take on my high school career at Linsly, especially throughout the challenges of the senior year. I was never the best at your subject, but I thoroughly enjoyed yours... I feel like after your class I am ready to tackle future college-level courses now, and I think in my opinion my critical thinking skills have significantly improved. You helped me organize my thoughts and put them on paper. - Email from a recent alumnus and college freshman to his Linsly teacher

  • Teachers knowing students well and focusing on growth and effort as much as performance

    At Parents' Day, my daughter's math teacher said one thing that stuck with me, primarily because I think this is what is one of the best things about Linsly, "I am not as concerned about your child's grade in my course as I am the progress they demonstrate. My goal is to knock down the wall that kids naturally put up when faced with a difficult math problem." He did go on to say that yes grades do matter, but he wants his students to enjoy math. - 11th-grade parent when reflecting on Parents' Day

  • Students go through every stage of the research process (from topic proposals to thesis writing to research, note taking, citations, drafts, revising, etc.) to complete a research paper at every grade level

    I am taking a scientific writing course in college and got the highest grade in my class on a paper! My English courses at Linsly eliminated my bad writing habits, so thank you for all you taught me. -Email from a recent alumnus and college freshman to her Linsly teacher

  • Global Citizenship
    • Study a language and get to experience the culture firsthand by traveling abroad

Boarding HS Academic Support

Learn more about how our Private High School can help academically support your students.

From the onset, I knew my son would be challenged as a new 9th-grade student, but I also knew that with Linsly's support system he will be able to overcome his challenges and you I have already started to see improvement as he adjusts. - New 9th grade parent reflecting 1 month into school

  • Parent/Student Communication

    • I can speak for both of my kids when I say that they are enjoying themselves a lot. They seem happy and as excited to go to school as any 7th and 11th grader can get. As a junior, my daughter is working very hard in her four AP classes and loves the challenge and my 7th-grade son has really come into his own and is taking responsibility for his success. We like and are utilizing the My Backpack system to keep a quiet eye on how they are progressing - Parent of 7th and 11th-grade students

  • Extra Help
    • All of our teachers are available individual support and one on one instruction before school, and most have office hours available before school and after school as well.

      After my son was absent for a recent illness, we were able to have numerous one-on-one communication with all of his instructors and they are ALL aware of what he has been through and assured us that they will work out a plan to get him caught up. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HIS TEACHERS was sincere, compassionate and dedicated to helping this young man. I want to thank you for what you all do for my son and all students each and every day - Email from an 11th-grade parent

  • Peer Tutoring: If a student is receiving consistent extra help from a teacher, the teacher can request a peer tutor to help the student further understand the material with explanations from a fellow student

  • Aviator: Our Private School students are enrolled in this program based on teacher recommendations and it is available to students during the academic day.  This would be applied to their daily schedule in place of a study hall. The mission of the Aviator program is to provide students with an opportunity to receive individualized instruction in a safe and distraction-free environment that will allow for optimal student performance and dynamic growth.
  • After Hours Learning Center: Available Monday to Thursday to our West Virginia boarding school students is a more structured and supervised study environment.  Boarding students are able to study in their room, but those needing additional support including organization and supervision will go to the library during study hall

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