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Today’s school was set in motion in 1814 when a visionary young lawyer, Noah Linsly, left instructions and the resources to construct a school for the young people of Wheeling. Today, Linsly serves as an intellectually challenging school and prepares students for success in college and beyond.

Academic excellence and character development are woven through all dimensions of a Linsly education to foster the whole person. By engaging in the Linsly experience, students will develop a love of learning, lead in times of challenge, and live purposeful lives.

Mission Statement

The Linsly School promotes academic excellence, inspires lifelong learning, develops future leaders, and emphasizes character development.

Core Values

  • Mind and Body: We engage the whole student—intellectually, artistically, and athletically—through meaningful participation in a safe and nurturing environment.
  • Intelligence and Character: We instill a growth mindset that sets our students on a journey of lifelong intellectual, character, and imaginative development.
  • Individual and Community: We honor each student’s individual talents and interests in an inclusive educational community marked by dedicated teacher-mentors and learning collaborators.
  • Teaching and Learning: We balance enduring and tested educational principles with research, innovations, and appropriate technologies.
  • Outcomes and Expectations: We prepare students with the skills and knowledge to be successful and match the portrait of a Linsly graduate. 

Portrait of a Linsly Graduate

The Linsly School Portrait of a Graduate, developed by the faculty and Department Chairs,  identifies the characteristics and traits of students who fully engage in the Linsly experience. 

Students will…